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 ​                                        Finnish Pioneer Park 


The purpose of the Cokato Finnish American Historical Society is to preserve the history of the Finnish pioneers and others who settled in

this area of Wright County.  The society is a self supporting non profit organization.  The society holds many educational and social events during the year.

Pikkujoulu Ice Candle

Pikkuloulu is a CFAHS annual celebration held the first Saturday in December.  It begins with the lighting of candles at the Cokato (Township) Finnish Cemetery.  Pictured here is the traditional ice candle which are placed at the gravesites of loved ones.

The general public is welcome to come through all evening to place candles or just tour the site to see all the glowing candle lights in the evening.

ice candle 2022.jpg

St Urho's Day

Yay! The St. Urho's Day invisible parade was able to take place despite the weather. Grand Marshal was Andrew Bohnsachala (Cokato dentist and community leader). Cokato Finnish American Historical Society President Margaret Pokornowski and Secretary Anita Harmala rode the the float that Sara Keskey Rufer decorated. Here are photos of Sara and Harvey Barberg getting ready for the parade, and the parade itself - looks like a Finn time was had by all!

st Urhos 2023.jpg


Jan 8       Tin Melting

Jan 9       Annual Meeting

Mar 16   St Urho's Day

May 27  Memorial Celebration

June 24  Mid -Summer

July 11   Board Meeting

Sept 11  Board Meeting

Oct 7     Fall Festival

Dec 2    Pikkujoulu




The newsletter is the society's way of passing along historical information to our members.  It covers the current events plus information about the lives of the Finnish settlers.  There is also feature stories which include the President's letter and Davey's Corner.  It is always a good read with a cup of coffee.

Become a member and you can enjoy this eight page news letter threes times per year.


 A program about Saunas with a Cokato connection. Is available to watch on Minnesota Bound website.

Historical Society Videos

In partnership with the Cokato Museum the Cokato Finnish American Historical Society is making informational videos to be posted on YouTube.  Our goal is to have a video for each on the historical buildings at the Finnish Pioneer Park.

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