​                                        Finnish Pioneer Park 


The purpose of the Cokato Finnish American Historical Society is to preserve the history of the Finnish pioneers and others who settled in

this area of Wright County.  The society is a self supporting non profit organization.  The society holds many educational and social events during the year.

" All Aboard" 

Storyteller, Bob Gasch will trace the development of the railroad in this area during its heyday.   The most exciting thing happening in town was at the railroad station until the mid twenties when the trucks and cars began to take over the job of transporting people and goods.

Program will start at noon in Temperance Hall.



         Memorial Celebration

June 19th

          Mid Summer

Oct 9th

          Fall Festival

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   Business Meeting Dates

  July 12th Monday 6:30pm   Sept 13th Monday 6:30pm

     at Temperance Hall


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Membership entitles you to receive the Newsletter, which is published three time per year.   Highlights from the spring newsletter is the Honoring Historian Audrey Tack, Honored Veteran Ken Aho,  Spring Program "All Aboard" the trains that stopped in Cokato.  Dave Bajari's story reminisces about the last spring of country school 50 years ago.

Historical Society Videos

In partnership with the Cokato Museum the Cokato Finnish American Historical Society is making informational videos to be posted on YouTube.  Our goal is to have a video for each on the historical buildings at the Finnish Pioneer Park.